Delicious, high-quality pork products for the food service industry. The automated PowerHeater process ensures muscle meat appearance, a low operating cost as well as a unique texture and bite.


Crumbles are produced using a fully automated process, with zero human interference, that covers everything, from meat preparation to finished product.

Small & Large


The size of the strips can be adjusted depending on the setup of the unique UniCut™ cutting system.



Irregular cubes are often used as a topping product in the food service industry. The irregular shape provides a natural-looking meat-alike.

Speed Ham

Short curing time combined with a fully-automated process for processing an alternative to traditional diced cooked ham.

This novel ham product represents a new generation of cooked ham. No manual handling, low carbon footprint, short curing time of only two hours, and irregular, natural-looking chunks.

All Meat Jerky

An all-meat low-cost formula with very visual meat striation  that gives the jerky a natural look.